Water Proof Coating

When Leakages occur and dampness creeps in buildings and structures, bricks, walls and terraces, it creates serious problems in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Creeping in of water makes the structures weak and very prone to weakening. Occurrence of cracks and leakages in building are very common when Water Proofing Material is not used or is used of inferior quality. Ingress of water, moisture or dampness in structure causes corrosion of steel and spilling of concrete. Many structures such as building, bridges, dams etc. have even been known to collapse much before their expected life, due to slow and gradual corrosion by dampness.
To avoid the access of rain water, moisture and destructive environments in plastered or steel surface, concrete etc., it is very important to make the outer surface invulnerable by coating it with good quality suitable Water-Proofing Products, which would help seal all the pores, clefts, hair cracks etc. The Waterproofing Paint should be resistant to hostile atmospheric temperatures, environmental conditions and to the effects of Ultra Violet Rays, etc.
We are engaged in offering to our clients a wide range of premium quality Water Proof Coating. Formulated by using high-tech minerals and filler raw materials, we make use of weather stable acrylic binder so as to make the coating very effective to any sort of environmental damage. Our latest process technology used makes our coatings very reliable and efficient for long term use. They are made flexible enough to withstand the expansion and contraction of structure and are resistant to normal abrasion.

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