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Health and safety of patients is the number one priority for the healthcare industry.  omepoxyflooring is able to ensure the safety and care of patients by designing the most technologically advanced flooring systems to meet the rigorous cleanliness standards within the healthcare industry.

In order to obtain standards of the highest levels in cleanliness for critical areas such as pharmaceutical production areas, omepoxyflooring uses seamless finishes which eliminate the cracks and crevices that harbor dirt and dust. We provide the best solution for environments within the healthcare industry by offering joint-free self-levelling epoxies.

Our complete range of hard-wearing, decorative flooring products provide the required durability needs for areas that are subject to constant food and wheeled traffic such as corridors, patient rooms, operating theatres and back-of-house areas.

At omepoxyflooring we take full responsibility for assuring you with the mostapplicable solution to your flooring needs within healthcare environments.