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The food and beverage industry demands the need for protecting the floor from growing uncontrolled bacteria as well as other key components such as fats, hot oils, blood, sugar solutions and a variety of organic acids. omepoxyflooring successfully delivers unique solutions dedicated to combat bacteria and hold up against demanding operating conditions. omepoxyflooring provides perfect polyurethane flooring solutions in areas including processing areas and bakeries or kitchens and cold storage areas.

The self-smoothing polyurethane systems are created to resist the harsh chemicals known in the food and beverage industry. These systems provide an optimal solution for any area where food products frequently come in contact with the floor, such as meat and fish processing zones.

The polyurethane chemistry also protects against cracking in areas subject to thermal shock and thermal cycling; inside freezers and cold storage rooms, underneath ovens in a bakery or any areas subject to hot water wash downs.

omepoxyflooring incorporates an integral antimicrobial agent in the self-smoothing polyurethane products offered, which kills bacteria on contact, making it ideal for environments where hygiene protection is fundamentally essential such as commercial and industrial kitchen environments.

This product line offers fast-curing flooring systems that can be installed at very low temperatures and hence be able to reduce the downtime. The positively textured systems are well suited for areas that require additional slip resistance.

At omepoxyflooring we take full responsibility for assuring you with the most applicable solution to your flooring needs within food and beverage environments.

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