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It is of utmost importance in any educational setting to have secure, comfortable and welcoming surroundings that are conducive to learning. omepoxyflooring successfully offers flooring systems that optimize the learning experience by delivering an exceptional look and feel in comparison to conventional flooring materials such as carpet, tiles.

A complete range of flooring systems are available which are optimal for the various educational settings-from classrooms and laboratories to corridors and cafeteria kitchens.

The epoxy self-levelling and broadcasting flooring systems successfully create engagement in classrooms and other teaching areas due to the durability and superior aesthetics offered.

The constant flow of foot traffic in corridors and stairwells require the flooring to be hard-wearing, slip-resistant and easy to clean surfaces. Demanding operating conditions are very apparent in food preparation areas, kitchens and cafeterias requiring optimum hygiene performance; omepoxyflooring offers self-smoothing anti-bacterial polyurethanes which deliver the optimum clean ability as well as chemical, thermal shock and slip resistance that perfectly meets the needs in such demanding environments.

Additional product offerings available at omepoxyflooringr music rooms and flexible sports flooring-for gymnasiums.

At omepoxyflooring we take full responsibility for assuring you with the most applicable solution to your flooring needs within educational environments.